We avail an array of gauges from (15 gauge to 12 gauge) in line with customers’ preference Chain Link Long lasting barbed wire constructed with sharp edges or point arranged at intervals along the strands. Barbed wire We also accept special sized spacing’s of mesh fabric boxes with regards to customer’s preference BRC

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Chain Link

Chainlink are the fastest and most cost effective fence products on the market today. using the woven steel wire to make the panel, it is widely used in everywhere. Due to the different applications, it is available in various wire gauges and mesh sizes. Our Chain Link rolls are completed with twisted edges and knuckled edges. What’s more, the Chain Link with twisted edges is more popular and has higher security.

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BRC wire mesh should be Welded solid, even surface, regular opening.

Its a kind of reinforcing mesh products by welded, in a kind of reinforcing mesh products by welded, in which the horizontal and longitudinal steel bar are arranged by same distance and in right angelm all the cross points are welded together by high resistance force.

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Wrought Iron

Scrolls are made from shaping a length of bar into a common S or C style but can also be made into various other shapes. They are ideal for finishing off wrought iron work because of their versatility in design that can accomplish beautiful gates or railings. A selection of purpose designed scrolls which are suited to standard 100mm regulation gaps are available off the shelf.

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About us

Zeka wire products is a conglomerate company to Shadrack & Sons Ltd having its brand existing in the market for about 4 years now. Aimed at delivering customer requirements in the construction industry by manufacturing high-quality products in collaboration with strict government guidelines given by the Kenyan Bureau of standards.

Our objective is to offer affordable and standardized products to the market conveniently


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