Chain Link

Chainlink are the fastest and most cost effective fence products on the market today. using the woven steel wire to make the panel, it is widely used in everywhere. Due to the different applications, it is available in various wire gauges and mesh sizes. Our Chain Link rolls are completed with twisted edges and knuckled edges. What’s more, the Chain Link with twisted edges is more popular and has higher security.

Typical applications for Chain Link Fence include boundary, security, high security, and sports, therefore making it suitable for many types of property and use.

This chain link is made as per customer’s specifications but limited to the following:


Width Available in FT

4FT, 5FT, 6FT, 7FT, 8FT, 9FT

Mesh size

80mm*80mm and 50mm*50mm

Wire Diameter(Gauge)

10G,11G,12.5G, 14G,15G

Length of Roll


Type of Edge

Barbed edge and Knuckle Edge

Zinc Coating

Commercial Coating.


  • Pure hot dipped galvanized wire
  • Low Cost effective solution.
  • Quick and Easy install 
  • high security products
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Suitable where safety is a consideration 
  • Durable and well structured. 
  • Excellent through vision
  • Uniform mesh size and wire thickness throughout.
  • Available as compacted bundles.
  • Pointed ends offer better protection and height.
  • Quality control at every step from iron ore and steel making to final manufacturing.


  • Industrial Fences
  • Highways.
  • Airport security fences
  • Orchards
  • Pastures
  • Animal’s fences
  • Schools, parks, Sports venues,
  • Factory walls, warehouse compartments, balcony railings
  • To prevent highway falling rocks and landslides.
  • Making cages
  • Industrial land construction and residential environment safety protection.