Expanded Metal

Its single-piece composition results in a very high strength-to-weight ratio, unlike other products, such as welded or woven wire. There are no points at which the material can separate. It can be made from aluminum, steel or other metals, and various coatings such as paint, print and powder coating can be applied.
Since it is slit instead of punched, there is very little to no waste. The typical yield of finished to raw product is three-to-one, and in many cases much greater. It has high amounts of recycled material content, is completely recyclable. The uses for expanded metal fall into five categories: protection, enclosure, support, filtration and decoration.

Mesh of the expanded metal is uniform and does not elongate. The light and rigid mesh is strong against impact. Handling and execution are very simple, slip stopping is high, and easy execution is economical, assisted by good day lighting and ventilation.

Medium heavy and light

Expanded Metal Features:

  • Large range of hole sizes available.
  • Next day delivery service available.
  • Aesthetically pleasing for interior design and exterior cladding.
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio.
  • Wide range of open areas available.
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Higher strength and weight ratio than sheet metal.
  • The three-dimensional shape of the meshes is another advantage since the areas where the meshes meet are strong and enable the material to stand a far heavier point load than similar products or a flat sheet.
  • Super corrosion resistance.
  • Good through vision.
  • Due to the expansion a much bigger open area is possible compared to other similar products.


Expanded metals are used in all fields such as

  • electric instruments acoustic equipment
  • firing trays
  • vessels
  • machine covers
  • side road protection
  • roads
  • buildings
  • lattices for windows
  • partitions
  • household equipment including shelves
  • bird cages
  • flower stands.
  • fences for walk ways
  • partitions
  • making of corner beads
  • gates and laths
  • tread plates
  • stair protection