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High-Quality Chainlinks



We manufacture an array of chainlinks each type is specifically manufactured for particular environmental conditions, examples of the chain links that we manufacture are, regular, medium, heavy chainlinks, PVC coated, and the triple twist chainlinks

We manufacture according to your requirements, and specifications, variations may mean the mesh size ( 50X50, 65X65, 80X80, 90X90mm & more) height variations are ( 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11Fts) are available


Triple twist chainlink has a variety of stronghold uses, this is attributed to the fact that it maintains a strong and sturdy function even after an extended period of use minimum of 20 years of use, and is made in various strengths available from 1.6MM to 3MM of wire ready


Galvanized chainlinks are the most common form of fencing from the industrial age till date, galvanized chainlinks have been used in farms, institutions, airports, and other areas too, they come in light, medium, and heavy gauges with various dimensions


PVC-coated chainlinks are used in areas of high humidity such as coastal areas, and paired to the general aesthetics of the fence, the reason being that they better withstand corrosion and reduce wear and tear of the chainlink, therefore, prolonging the life span of the product

Why Zeka

We are a Kenyan owned and run business, that started in 1995,  we have since produced high-quality wire products that match international standards, and we have grown steadily to continuously offer high-quality products such as gabions, chainlinks, BRC, roofing nails, u-nails, and polished nails, distribution is countrywide, we also manufacture according to clients specifications  

Faster processing

You can now call, order and collect all in one day, we have sufficient stocks all year round, and we also manufacture according to your specifications so that you can achieve more and on time.

Quality Wire products

Quality chainlinks, gabions, BRC, roofing nails, u-nails, and polished nails are preferred, trusted quality by many in Kenyans surrounding East African countries KEBS certification number KS EAS 135: 1999

Save more money

When you buy any product manufactured by Zeka wire products you are sure to save more money, buy straight from the factory or order at your nearest hardware store and experience quality and mega savings

What our clients say…
Julie Adhiambo
Premier Events
Sales Executive

We were recommended Zeka wire products by our close friend at church who we went to view their 10-acre farm in Kajiado, we were inspired by the quality of the chainlink installed since we also wanted to fence our upcoming farm in Isinya, so me and my better half, agreed to buy the chainlink from Zeka, the rest is history and we ended up saving more money compared to other manufacturers

Osman Adebo
Dagan Enterprises and Contractors
Procurement Manager

Being a contractor requires top-quality products certified by KEBS and Zeka wire products have been my first option when considering an option for my gabions, chainlinks and BRCs

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